4th Market Japanese Ceramics

The Mie prefecture in Japan has always been home to many famous Ceramic manufacturers. In 2005 four of these manufacturers, specialized in Bankoyaki Ceramics, decided to join forces and establish a new company called 4th-market. 4th-market takes it’s name from the city of Yokkaichi where it is located. Yokkaichi means “market on the fourth day”. 

The main focus of Japanese “Bankoyaki” artisans is to create beautiful and practical pottery suitable for day to day use. Resulting in products with a perfect shape. And as time passes by, the daily use of these ceramics will make them more beautiful. Bankoyaki dates back to the 18 century Edo period. 

All 4th-market products are hand made. All ceramic molds are created and maintained by highly experienced artisans.

4th-market combines all this expertise and uses it to design beautiful, harmonious and modern lines of table and kitchenware. Swoon is crazy about their beautiful ceramics.